Hangul (Korean written system) is one of the most primary topics in Korean design, but also is recognized as one of the most uneasy topics to handle. To promote a new awareness of Hangul, an editorial staff, made purely of students, produced a magazine. The first issue ran about the structural features of Hangul, and interview of Helmut Schmid. Third issue was recently published. This book is on sale at an independent publisher book store in Seoul.
2006, 150×220mm, 374pages, Offset print, Book

Ganadara No.1 Team
Seok Jaewon. Choi Joonyun. Kim Taejin. Seo Youngmi. Jang Hyerin. Choi hyemi. Hong Sangpyo. Kang Jin. Kim Minjae. Oh Hyejin. Yim Jinsun. Choi Yuwon. Choi Ran. Gwak Hyeji. Kim Yu-Kyoung. Kim Heejun. Seo Mijin. Ahn Subin. Lee Kyoungjae. Lee Young-woo. Lee Eunho. Lee Haein. Han Mi-Kyoung

----- Exhibited, Hanul Exhibition, Shinhan Bank Gallery, Seoul, Korea. 2006