Stairway To Heaven

2005, Stop-Motion Animated Motion Graphic, 2'19", Motion Graphic Animation

----- Screend, 15th Wow Film Fastival, Seoul, Korea, 2005
----- First Prize / Screened. Busan Universiade for Digital Contents Award, Busan, Korea, 2005

The blue parts in the screen shows how alcohol is absorbed through your body. Alcohol is first absorbed to our body by the stomach. In this process alcohol might slightly damage the walls of stomach, and you might get Mallory-Weiss tearing. only one in a twenty, 20% die out of this disease.This can cause small as diarrhea and upset stomach to enteritis, but you can get these disease form other reasons too.
Next is the liver. 20% of people who drink alcohol regularly suffers form inveterate liver problem. For instance most people who come to the emergency room for cirrhosis, are people who drink a lot. People who drink often is fifty times as likely to get cirrhosis than people who don't. But not all die from cirrhosis so you don't need to worry about it. When alcohol gets to the brain, the brains shows instant reaction. When it gets to the cerebrum is will lower your judgement.
And by the time it gets to cerebellum it will slows down your movement. So you might say things that makes no sense and stagger around. Or you might get short time memory losses.
if you drink on a regular bases, your memory will be lost by 15%. So if you want to deal with less stress maybe drinking is the answer! And when alcohol gets to the part where it controls your vision, you might get low eye sights and blurry vision.
Experts say that when you're drunk your sight will be down to 75%. So you might now be able to see things correctly and make unrealistic judgements. Sometimes you can have a fantastic experiment.

Long- legs!, Slender Waist!, Blonde hair!, Pretty Face!
Bright Eyes!, Sharp nose!, Thick lips!, Elastic Skin!

All this effect on the brain by the alcohol can cause many reactions. Blurry vision, seeing things sideways and upside down. Also the dopamin which speeds up the formation of alcohol can keep us in eternal sunshine.
Anyway alcohol is our beloved friend who will lead us to the stair way to heaven.