Documentation plays an integral part in informing history. Prior to 2007, documentation of student thesis exhibitions at Hongik University had not been formalized for over several decades. Jaewon Seok was first to persuade the Visual Communication Department at Hongik University to suggest the new tradition of documenting student work, and compiled the ‘Hongik VisCom 2007’ from its inception to final publication.
The book was specifically designed to showcase each individual’s work in its ideal form, while having the flexibility to accommodate a variety of image sizes. Accompanied by detailed descriptions for each piece, the book also served as a comprehensive guidebook for its live exhibition.
BOOK. 210×297mm. 208pages. Offset print. 2007

Graphis New Talent Annual, Gold. New York, USA. 2009
Output Award, Winner. Amsterdam, Netherlands + Berlin, Germany. 2008